How to Wash TOMS

Working in a shoe store that sells a plethora of TOMS we get asked all the time on how customers should care for their TOMS if they get dirty or stinky. They are a bit tricky in the sense that they are made up of canvas AND leather, but they are washable! Here is the trick:

It is advised against to wash them via washing machine. Some people will shower with them on to get them clean or by washing them by hand. If you wish to wash them in the washing machine here is how to do it:

  • First, place them in the bag that came with the shoes (as pictured below) or any other garment bag you have at home is fine.


  • Wash them on the DELICATE or KNIT cycle. Putting a few drops of detergent on the shoes before you place them in the washer is a good way to make sure they get nice and soapy allowing for a better cleaning.
  • Air dry your TOMS. DO NOT put them in the sun to dry, they will fade. If your dryer has an “air fluff” setting, meaning no heat is used, you may dry your TOMS this way as well.

For sweaty feet and stinky TOMS we reccomend a foot spray or powder from your local drug store, or you can use baby powder and baking sode. Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder and baking soda in your shoes before you wear them to absorb extra moisture and eliminate odor.

With leather shoes it is suggested that you don’t wear them multiple days in a row as it prevents the lether from completely drying after use. With TOMS we know they are hard not to wear every day with how comfortable they are! But these tips and tricks will help keep your TOMS in the best condition.


Frye Fall Preview

Frye Fall Preview
At Urban Sole we have an obsession with Frye boots, bags and pretty much everything Frye makes out of there delicious leathers! Featured here are just a few of our recent boots and handbags that Frye has sent us.
  1. The Frye Campus boot. This boot is so classic and timeless we have customers who still have their Campus boots from the 60s and 70s!! And they still look gorgeous!
  2. The Frye Campus Crossbody. Some of us here at Urban Sole are pursuing higher education and we can’t help but feel drawn to this bag! It’s perfect for running around campus from class to class and hurrying into work after without needing to sprint home first. Big enough to pack it all but small enough to not feel weighed down. We LOVE!
  3. The Frye Courtney Lace Up. The military boot trend is here and we can’t help but jump on board! What we love best about this gorgeous lace up boot is the small 2 inch heel. It gives the boot a more feminine look while giving your feet extra support.
  4. The Frye Jackie Button. This boot screams Western! The distressing is perfect, the leather is soft and we can’t help but day dream of mixing and matching this boot with our favorite tights, boot socks, leggings and chunky sweaters! Is it fall yet?!
  5. The Frye Campus Crossbody. As said before this bag is so versatile and the fact that we have it in TWO colors makes us want to splurge and get both!
  6. The Frye Paige Tall Riding boot. This is the ULTIMATE riding boot! Soft vegetable tan leather that hits just below the knee with a double layer detail that adds dimension to the boot. We could die happy with this boot!
  7. The Frye Karla Engineer short boot. The distressing and color of this boot are impeccable. The heel is feminine enough to wear with dresses and skirts but masculine enough for jeans and a more rugged look.