TOMS: Desert Wedge

toms-desertwedgeFall isn’t just about boots and one of our fall favorites are the TOMS Desert Wedges! They come in so many fun patterns and rich suede colors it’s hard to chose one. TOMS picked a great height for this wedge, it’s tall enough to add height but not too tall that you won’t want to wear them every day! We love how well these wedges work with dresses and skirts but can still be dressed down with your favorite denim. And how fun is the leopard suede?! Every girl needs a little animal print in her wardrobe đŸ˜‰

Tips on taking care of suede:

1. Before you wear them outside make sure to spray them with a leather and suede protecting spray. We suggest Meltonian Water and Stain Protector, but as long as your spray isn’t oil based you should be fine.

2. Use a suede brush when cleaning your suede shoes. This will revive the nap and remove any dirt build up. It is suggested you clean your suede shoes after every use for ideal results. Also, make sure you brush in the same direction to make sure your shoes get clean and your not just pushing dirt around.

3. For removing mild stains:

  1. The first and least desirable is to use a small file or emery board. Rubbing very lightly you will remove the stain but also risk damaging the material quite severely.
  2. You can try rubbing both shoes against each other which can gently brush away the stain without hurting the nap.
  3. The third and most efficient method is to invest in a suede cleaning block or suede eraser which will crumble as you rub the stain, hopefully removing even the deeper stains.

All in all, the better care you have for your shoes the longer they will last and the more use you will be able to get out of them!


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